Market Insights

“Investment Perspectives” is published quarterly and presents market commentary and outlook from our Investment Team.

  • Market Commentary - June 30, 2017

    Adjectives to describe the duration of this current bull market are becoming scarce. The second quarter of 2017 marked the 16th quarter of the past 18 in which the S&P 500® Index posted a gain. The stock market has certainly had more impressive bull markets with respect to overall gains, however, few bull market time periods can match the length of our current cycle. With impressive earnings growth, interest rates remaining at low levels, and docile inflationary threats, our current bull market may not be done with its advance. Download Report

White Papers

Riverbridge whitepapers offer information on, and insight into, topics important to the investment market.

  • The Marriage of Data and eCommerce - June 30, 2017

    One of the strengths of an eCommerce business model is the digital data stream produced through every customer interaction.’s successful use of eCommerce data to drive its business demonstrates the strategic importance of an eCommerce business to not only companies in consumer sales, but also companies in business-to-business (B2B) sales. Great progress has been made in B2B markets as technologies such as marketing automation and self-service capabilities have evolved to enable more effective B2B eCommerce. These technologies have been an important step, yet there is much further advancement to come through the development of the application of artificial intelligence within sales and marketing. Collectively, these advancements have the potential to dramatically alter how B2B products and services are sold. Download Report