Market Insights

“Investment Perspectives” is published quarterly and presents market commentary and outlook from our Investment Team.

  • Market Commentary - March 31, 2017

    Heading into the new year, investors were cautiously optimistic over the prospects of 2017. The results of the fist quarter reinforced their optimism. Led primarily by well-known large cap stocks, the markets posted handsome returns with all major indices advancing. The first quarter was the best for the markets in nearly three years. Fueling this climb, an optimistic economic outlook coupled with renewed business and consumer confidence. Enhancing the fist quarter returns further was the remarkably low levels of volatility. Strong corporate earnings coupled with optimism the tax and regulatory environment will improve are conspiring to extend our already near record long bull market. Download Report

White Papers

Riverbridge whitepapers offer information on, and insight into, topics important to the investment market.

  • The Power of ROIC - March 31, 2017

    Rising Interest Rates, Brexit, Donald Trump, Slowing Global Growth, Declining Oil Prices, Russian Spies. Headline risks – real or perceived – impact the stock market in the short-term as many investors attempt to trade stocks to capitalize on market movements or to reposition their portfolios in or out of companies whose future growth may be affected. While it is possible to make money trading stocks, it is typically a zero-sum game. Either you are on the winning end or the losing end of a trade. Similarly, trading stocks based on changes to business demand alone is not sufficient for investment returns. Conversely, investing in companies deploying their resources in a manner that will earn them a sustained superior return on their invested capital results in greater value for all stakeholders. Download Report

Beyond the Bottom Line

Successful investing can have implications far beyond dollar-and-cents value. Learn how it can become an extension of your personal values.

  • The Trump Card - December 7, 2016

    History has taught us that election results often have a minimal impact on long term stock market returns. Additionally, as we witnessed with the surprising Brexit vote this past summer, the recent U.S. election results serve as yet another reminder of the folly in polls, predictions, and prognostications. The Republican Party maintaining control of both the House and Senate was a surprise to many while Donald’s Trump election as the 45th president of the United States shocked the world. Many of the so-called experts proclaimed a Trump election would lead to a significant sell off in equities in the days after the election. While the market initially opened down on the Wednesday after the elections results were called, the stock market actually ended the day in positive territory and continued to rally in the days thereafter. Download the Report.