Since 1987, Riverbridge has successfully managed growth portfolios. We believe the superior long-term track record and historically lower risk of our portfolios is the result of an Investment Team that is dedicated to a consistent investment process.

We seek out companies that meet all aspects of our investment criteria. Each potential investment is subjected to a rigorous process of research and due diligence.

The key fundamental we look for is sustainable high return on invested capital. We also look for companies with strong management teams, high unit growth, a dominant market position, and sound accounting practices. Prospective investments must be able to finance their growth internally, and we must be able to directly monitor fundamental progress.

Every senior member of the Riverbridge Investment Team has the power to add new positions to the portfolio, making that team member the champion of that company. After a company is added, another team member is assigned to the company, in the role of devil’s advocate. This helps to prevent the champion from developing unfounded biases that could cloud judgment.

Our investment process fosters a culture of collaboration and individual empowerment, which results in an Investment Team whose objectives are aligned with the long-term goals of our clients.

We focus on long-term results, evidenced by our low turnover. However, we review our portfolios continuously for new information and new opportunities in order to preserve their fundamental vitality.