Riverbridge Partners is an experienced team of investment professionals who create solutions for the investment needs of our clients. We are growth-oriented, where growth is strategic, sustainable, and controlled. And through the combination of culture and process, we bring a unique perspective to investing, building a historic record of performance for long-term investors.

Since 1987, the people at Riverbridge have consistently — repeatedly — recognized opportunities for long-term growth.

We use a consistent, repeatable process to uncover companies with high intrinsic value and strategic advantages. And the consistent application of this unique investment process sets Riverbridge apart.

We identify and buy well-managed companies that are diversified in their sources of earnings, and are positioned for opportunities, inuring them a high return on capital and superior growth in business. The quality of our investment process has been tested and proven through dynamic market cycles.

We don’t predict the market. We don’t chase quarterly results. We position ourselves to navigate an unpredictable world. Since our founding, Riverbridge has remained an investment-centric, employee owned firm.